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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation simply means ‘colouring’. When it comes to our complexions that ‘colouring’ comes from the melanin within our skin. Melanin is formed by skin cells called melanocytes and when those cells become impaired their melanin production is affected – causing changes in the colouration of our skin.

The job of melanocytes is actually to protect our skin. When exposed to UVA and UVB rays the melanocytes come to the surface of the skin to form a protective barrier aimed to protect the deeper layers of the epidermis. This results in…. a suntan!

When you hear the term ‘hyperpigmentation’ it refers to too much pigment in the skin, leading to dark sports or patches and an uneven skin tone. Sometimes a certain patch might show signs of hyperpigmentation or it can spread across areas of the skin too. This condition is also called Melasma or Chloasma. The good news is that hyperpigmentation can be treated, reducing the appearance of dark spots and shadows on the skin.

As well as hyperpigmentation, skin can suffer a loss of pigment too, known as hypopigmentation, depigmentation or vitiligo. This occurs when the cells in the skin stop producing pigment. This is a condition often connected with discussions about the changes in Michael Jackson’s skin tone over the years. Sadly, the loss of pigment in the skin is irreversible so hypopigmentation can’t be treated.

What causes Hyperpigmentation?

There are several factors that can prompt hyperpigmentation. Sun damage is culprit that is blamed the most, but hormonal changes, stress, medication, acne, light / heat trauma can all be blamed too.

95% of premature ageing of the skin can be caused by sun damage!

This is one of the reasons that protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is so important. It’s imperative that you include a good quality SPF in your skincare regime – 365 days of the year – not just in the summer months.

How to improve the appearance of Hyperpigmentation…

Help is available to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, reducing those unsightly dark patches that make skin tone look uneven and add years to your skin.

You can reclaim a more youthful complexion thanks to the extensive research carried out by DermaQuest…

The DermaQuest SkinBrite product range has been scientifically devised to combat hyperpigmentation, restoring a more even skin tone and gorgeous glow!

Don’t delay – take action today….

To enjoy immediate visible improvements to the tone of your skin, deploy the SkinBrite army to come to your skin’s defences straight away!

As well as improvements in skin tone and the reduction in dark patches, the SkinBrite range will brighten your complexion too, resulting a more youthful, healthy glow that will have all your friends asking why you look so great!

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