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Supporting Acne Awareness Month this June

DermaQuest’s founder, Sam Dhatt, created DermaQuest with a belief that everyone deserves beautiful skin. We can change our hair colour and style in an instant, or change the clothes we wear, but changing the appearance of our skin takes time and investment in scientifically proven skincare solutions.

DermaQuest formulated its DermaClear collection in a quest to tackle one of the most frustrating skincare concerns – acne. Acne affects people of all ages, impacting both men and women. From stage 1 mild acne, up to stage 4 severe acne, acne can be unsightly and painful.

June is Acne Awareness Month and DermaQuest supports this mission to educate people about acne and the best solutions to solve it. Affecting millions of people, acne can be caused by excess oil, clogged pores, bacteria, stress, hormones, diet, medication and other factors.

When it comes to professional treatments and home care solutions to combat acne, the scientists at DermaQuest have carried out extensive research to produce treatments and products that deliver results. The DermaClear collection offers a targeted home care regime for acne sufferers, to improve the health and appearance of their skin safely and effectively.

Suited to treating all grades of acne, the DermaClear collection comprises a choice of cleansers, a spot treatment, a serum and a mask, all designed to clear and calm the complexion.

The DermaClear Cleanser is a foaming cleanser that offers gentle exfoliation so as not to irritate the skin. Its powerful ingredients, including mandelic acid for its antibacterial properties and willow bark to soothe the skin, deliver a calmer, cleansed complexion.

The DermaClear BHA Cleanser works to refine pores, preventing further congestion while hydrating and restoring the skin. Suitable for use as a cleanser and a deep cleaning mask, the BHA Cleanser leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed, yet supple and hydrated.

The DermaClear range even offers a cleansing solution for use at home or on the go with its DermaClear Pads. Quick and easy to use, and a great way to combat ingrown hairs too, these handy pads banish breakouts and leave skin feeling beautifully refreshed.

With the DermaClear Serum and DermaClear Mask, DermaQuest has compiled a comprehensive range to ensure that home care achieves results. And for those emergency moments, the DermaClear BHA Spot Treatment provides a speedy solution to clearing unwanted blemishes thanks to its 2% salicylic acid which instantly reduces inflammation.

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