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Your Skin’s Timeline…

The perfect tone and texture of a baby’s skin is one of life’s wonders… Soft to the touch and free from any stresses or strains of life – what we wouldn’t give to retain that beautiful baby skin.

However, our skin’s natural structure changes as we age. Add to that the many environmental factors that take their toll on our complexions and we find ourselves fighting the signs of ageing from all sides.

Understanding your skin’s timeline will help you understand how best to care for your skin at each stage of your life.

It’s said that you should think of each decade of your life as a day of the week. 0-10 is Monday, 10-20 is Tuesday, 20-30 is Wednesday, 30-40 is Thursday, 40-50 is Friday, 50-60 is Saturday and 60-70 (and beyond) is Sunday. How you care for your skin at the start of ‘your week’ will be dramatically different to the weekend!

0 – 19

As we leave our teenage years behind, the ageing process begins, and we need to start to consider anti-ageing products and treatments as part of our skincare regime. Our youth spoils us as during this phase our skin is made up of about 80% collagen – keeping everything firm and plump. Even though ageing skin will soon become a factor, many people have to battle against hormonally charged skin during their teens, which can be hard to calm and control.

Our recommendation –
DermaQuest’s Acne Management products, including the DermaClear Cleanser, Essential B5 Moisture Matte, DermaClear Serum and SheerZinc SPF 30.

20 – 30

Now, whilst you should still be looking and feeling the picture of youth in your 20s, it is the decade that the natural collagen production in your skin will start to diminish. From around the age of 25, the collagen production in your skin starts to decrease by 1% / year. Harsh but true!

Our recommendation –
Focus on protecting your skin from the elements and the effects of modern-day technology with a high-quality SPF such as DermaQuest’s SunArmor SPF 50

30 – 40

So, by the time we reach 40, we’re probably around 15% down on our natural collagen production, which will have a significant impact on how your skin looks and feels, and how it needs to be cared for. Those fine lines and wrinkles will start to appear, sun damage may have resulted in dark spots or pigmentation issues that will affect the tone of your skin as well as the texture.

Our recommendation –
It’s time to up the ante and opt for DermaQuest’s Age Defense range which includes the best-selling Essential B5 Hydrating Serum – perfect to nourish and improve the health and appearance of your skin.

40 – 50

As we get close to the ‘weekend years’, some of the other skin ageing factors that have formed part of our busy ‘week’ start to become more apparent. Laughter lines, furrowed brows from frowning, crow’s feet from squinting, top lip creases and other tell-tale signs that you’ve entered another decade. As you enter your 50s, you’ll be producing around 25% less collagen than in your early 20s.

Our recommendation –
Now is an ideal time to add some of DermaQuest’s Stem Cell technology to your skincare regime. Fight back against the signs of ageing with the Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm hydrating serum or the Stem Cell 3D Complex cream. Both packed with antioxidants, peptides, and skin brightening ingredients to improve the look and feel of your skin.

50 – 60

In addition to all the signs of ageing that we’ve already mentioned above, skin will now be losing its elasticity, causing it to sag, often around the jowls and jaw line. We start to say goodbye to that plump, voluptuous appearance, our lips begin to lose their shape and definition, and skin can feel thinner too.

Our recommendation –

The DermaQuest Peptide Line Corrector is the perfect product to soften those deeper lines and wrinkles. Containing 60% peptide serum, skin feels revived, and lines and wrinkles are smoothed, giving the appearance of a rejuvenated, more youthful complexion. The peptides work to encourage collagen production, subsequently firming and plumping older skin.

Now, whilst we should all be grateful for every year we clock up, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to age with well cared for skin, that keeps people guessing which ‘day of the week’ you’re on!

By understanding your skin’s changes and needs it can help you choose the most beneficial skincare products. It’s always worth asking for expert advice though – after all, we want to be able to enjoy ‘the weekend’ looking our very best!

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