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Sensitive or Sensitised?

It’s common for people to claim that they have ‘sensitive skin’… Red, dry, angry, flaky skin or skin that stings or burns is often categorised as ‘sensitive skin.’

However, whilst you may be suffering from sensitive skin, there’s also a chance you’re actually suffering from ‘sensitised skin’, which is a totally different ball game!

It’s important to understand the difference and establish which category you fall into before deciding on your skincare regime.

The easiest way to separate the two skin concerns is that sensitive skin is usually due to internal factors whereas sensitised skin is usually due to external factors.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is literally down to how you’re made – it’s in your DNA. It can lead to more medical skin conditions such as psoriasis or rosacea, but if you have sensitive skin – these are conditions you are prone to, not conditions you’re causing.

Sensitised Skin

Sensitised skin is affected by external factors such as the environment we’re exposed to, stress levels, the products we apply to our skin and even the foods we eat. Sensitised skin should be a temporary condition. Once you’ve eradicated the external factor that caused the problem, your skin should return to its normal status. It too can lead to more serious skin conditions such as eczema.

The good news is, that whether your skin is sensitive or sensitised, DermaQuest’s specialist skincare solutions can help improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Sensitive Solutions

The best place to start is with DermaQuest’s Delicate Cleansing Cream, specifically formulated to gently cleanse sensitive skin. Followed by the Delicate Daily Moisturiser and Delicate Soothing Serum for a burst of extra hydration, your skin should feel well-nourished and nurtured.

Sensitised Solutions

If your skin has reacted to something that has made it become sensitised, you too could benefit from DermaQuest’s Delicate range of products. Or opt to repair your skin on a deeper level with DermaQuest’s 3D Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex and Essential B5 Hydrating Serum. Your skin will feel revived and revitalised again in no time.

Don’t forget that as well as feeding our skin from the outside, it’s important to fuel it from the inside too. A healthy, nutrient rich diet with plenty of water pays dividends when it comes to the overall health and appearance of our skin. Add to that ample rest and sleep, and even the most sensitive skin types will see and feel improvements.

DermaQuest offers a variety of skincare products to benefit all skin types of all ages – utilising the power of plant stem cell technology and innovative scientific research – your skin is in safe hands.

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