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At this stage most people exhibit less oil production in the skin as well as less elasticity and new shallow wrinkles around the eyes are evident. The eye area begins to lose tone, and wrinkles deepen visibly as the years progress. Pigmentation problems will surface due to sun exposure and hormonal changes. Along with treatments to stimulate collagen and elastin production, adding an enhanced exfoliant to the home care regimen to remove dead cells is important to stimulate cell turnover.

Age management Stage 2

Fine lines around the eyes, possibly in expression areas and forehead; slight deepening of the naso-labial fold; minor loss of firmness and tone..

About this program

3-6 month Program, 1 treatment every 2-4 weeks. 3x Power Peptide Resurfacers. 3x Glycolic level 2. This professional treatment is the authority on cellular and UV damage formulated with Glycolic, Lactic Acid and powerful firming peptides. Supports and improves the dermal matrix.

Key Ingredients

Pumpkin Pulp(AHA)
Powerful exfoliant, sloughs dead cells revealing an inner glow and diminishes fine lines

Sugar Cane
Glycolic acid is naturally present in cane sugar, removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil, exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores

Lactic Acid
An alpha hydroxy acid that occurs naturally in sour milk. Has a slightly larger molecular structure than glycolic acid.