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Grade 1 acne affects all skin types—dry, normal, and oily. Most breakouts will occur in the perioral hormonal area, but they can occur anywhere. A few comedones may appear on oily skin. Home care will be appropriate to the skin type, plus preventive products such as PM or alternate PM Beta Hydroxy Cleanser or Rejuvaderm. DermaClear Spot Treatment also appropriate on inflamed areas.

Acne Grade 1

Occasional breakouts

About this program

3 Months Program, 1 treatment every 2 weeks.  3x Primary Pumpkin and 3x Power Pumpkin Resurfacer. This treatment will increase cellullar turnover, diminish inflamation and prevent acne breakouts while nourishing your skin with the very best ingredients!

Key Ingredients

Pumpkin Pulp(AHA)
Powerful exfoliant, sloughs dead cells revealing an inner glow and diminishes fine lines

Sugar Cane
Glycolic acid is naturally present in cane sugar, removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil, exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores

Lactic Acid
An alpha hydroxy acid that occurs naturally in sour milk. Has a slightly larger molecular structure than glycolic acid.