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Power Pumpkin Resurfacer

power pumpkin resurfacer works to decrease active acne lesions while helping to prevent new acne formation while evening skin tone by lightening unwanted pigmentation. this impressive l treatment is ideal for thick, resistant breakout prone skin.

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power pumpkin resurfacer was designed to meet the needs of those with acne concerns and enlarged pores as well as those with resilient skin with pigmentation concerns. pumpkin pulp and salicylic acid help to prevent and treat acne for breakout prone skins. lactic acid provides additional exfoliation, hydrating and brightening to this treatment not only relieving post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pih) while also improving skin tone and texture.

best for:

thicker, oily skin, acne grades 2-4 and more advanced sun damage

follow the directions in the appropriate protocol for best results.

cucurbita pepo (pumpkin)sd alcohol 40-bwater (aqua)lactic acidglycolic
acidpropylene glycolsalicylic acidlactobacillus/pumpkin ferment
extractpolysorbate 20hydroxyethylcelluloseglycerincitrus aurantium
dulcis (orange) callus culture extractxanthan gumphenoxyethanolbenzyl alcoholpotassium sorbatetocopherolrinsyringa vulgaris (lilac)
leaf cell culture extractdisodium edta


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