Modified Jessner’s Peel

The Equaliser

Finally, a treatment that effectively tackles stubborn, reoccurring and life-controlling acne.

This treatment uses the power of Resorcinol to reduce the inflammation of cystic acne, killing the P acne bacteria and clearing out pores to enable your skin to breathe. The Lactic Acid aids hydration and lightens evidence of post-inflammatory acne, evening out skin tone and texture. Our favourite acid, Salicylic Acid, dissolves lipid ponds in the skin opening the pathways to the skin’s pores. Lilac Stem Cell reduces redness and provides an anti-inflammatory response.  Skin will look clearer and calmer. We recommend multiple treatments for optimum results. Don’t let acne win – we can beat it together!

Available exclusively to the licensed professionals within the DermaQuest network.

Professional Enquires



Product Ingredients

Salicylic Acid

Lactic Acid


Lilac Plant Stem Cell