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Are you sticking to your New Year's Resolution plan?

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It’s very easy to make New Year’s resolutions in the heat of enthusiasm and glowing joy but most of us are more familiar with the difficulty of sticking to the resolutions!

It is possible but it does take focus, planning, and a determination to stick with the resolutions for the same amount of time it takes to change a habit, so that the resolutions also turn into new habits.

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As we start  the “New Year, New Me” season we ask ourselves, how can I be a better me this? We then begin to evaluate our wants, needs, goals and desires. Many will start a weight loss program, join a gym, and vow to work out every day, and sometimes twice to lose those unwanted pounds.

Coming into the new year we should think about our skin and over-all health and wellness in the same manner. Choose one or two things that you would like to change about your skin, and find a few skin care therapists that you can sit down with for a consultation. Upon doing so, think of the consultation like an interview and ask questions about how you two can achieve your skin care goals.

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Once you decide on your favorite skin care therapist (based on your own criteria: comfortability, knowledge, etc.) commit to the home care prescription and the treatment regime. This is a partnership and a process.  Remember to take pictures along the way to track your progress just like you would during your weight loss journey. By December 2017 you will be able to see how far you and your skin care professional have come along, with your new skin.

 In this new year, stop and give yourself a treat more often. Take time and breathe, let others take care of you once in a while, get a massage or two, and find ways to give back. You’ll be glad that you did. Be thankful for your gifts! Believe it or not, caring for yourself is caring for your skin 🙂.


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