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Clinic Spotlight: Simply Skin Oldham

This Month's Clinic Spotlight lands on Simply Skin Oldham Simply Skin Oldham are dedicated in offering treatments which are tailored to each individual client rather than a service based on sales and turnover. “At Simply Skin Oldham we understand that the nature of our treatments can be quite sensitive and we always respect and put the anxieties [...]

Is a Man’s Skin Really Different?

By Ali Baldwin Typically men’s skin is thicker and oilier than women due to the male hormones. Some refer to these hormones as adrenal androgens, androgens, male sex hormones or just plain old testosterone. Excessive amounts of androgen will stimulate sebaceous gland activity which causes excess oil production. Therefore, men’s skin is typically about 25% […]

Intrinsic Ageing: What is your genetic inheritance?

By Ali Baldwin What is Intrinsic Aging? When you look at your family genetics, what do you see? Freckles? Dark circles around the eyes? That deep crease where the brow furrows? Do you have lines across your forehead? This is Intrinsic Ageing. Ageing that is passed down through family DNA and through genetics from our […]

DermaQuest Launch at Premier Laser Clinic

DermaQuest are excited to announce our launch at Premier Laser Clinic! We have teamed up with Premier Laser Clinic, one of the leading clinics for skincare and laser hair removal in London and Surrey, to reach more people with DermaQuest’s cosmeceutical treatments and products. About Premier Laser Clinic Premier Laser Clinic pride themselves on supplying [...]

The Importance of SPF in Skincare

During the hotter months, we are usually stricter with applying SPF to our skin. Over time, UV radiation harms the skin’s elastin and causes it to sag and stretch. To protect your skin, there are lots of important precautions to take, such as staying out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day [...]

Treating Sensitised Skin with Retinaldehyde Renewal Cream

Retinol has become a staple ingredient in anti-ageing skincare! The hero ingredient is known to support skin cell regeneration while improving tone and texture. It can also be used in conjunction with chemical peels to promote even peeling and deliver an enhanced overall result. Why use Retinaldehyde on Sensitive Skin? Retinol, although effective, can feel [...]

How to Introduce B3 Youth Serum to your Skincare Routine

DermaQuest has officially launched our new B3 Youth Serum. In addition to the already popular B5 Serum, B3 is an Advanced Therapy extension, focused on anti-ageing and rejuvenation. The potent Vitamin B3 blend of 5% Niacinamide (B3), papyrus plant stem cells and smoothing peptide complex, diffuses into the skin where it can begin to rejuvenate and repair [...]

B3 vs B5 Serum – Which one will you Choose?

So you’re looking for a new serum but you don’t know which one to choose? With so many ingredients and formulas available on the market, it can be tricky trying to find the perfect serum for you. Today we compare our B3 Youth Serum to our B5 Hydrating Serum to help you decide what your [...]

DermaQuest Wins at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded 'Best Daily Serum' for our Essential B5 Hydrating Serum and 'Best Advanced Eye Product' for our Stem Cell 3D Eye Lift by The Beauty Shortlist Awards. According to the Beauty Shortlist Awards, they are "the biggest, most independent, non-sponsored, most thoroughly judged (not voted!) Awards in the UK, [...]

Revitalizing Aging Skin with Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves its purpose in defending and protecting the skin.  It also operates as a tremendously, valuable antioxidant available for skin care formulations. Antioxidants offer protection to the skin and prevent accelerated skin aging while nourishing and supplementing its deeper layers and fighting free radical damage. Free radicals cause chronic damage to the cells [...]